German meal, 1

A German (via her grandparents) friend came for dinner. She is a hearty eater and enjoys the pleasures, such as they are, of a deeply German meal. Having recently enjoyed them myself I was wanting to recreate some of the fantastic food I’d had in Germany. Of course some of my most favorite meals were not German but I’d had some stupendous sauerbraten, and bread dumplings, respectively. The sauerbraten I’d had was served with some leaden potato dumplings that were fine but I’d avoid them if I could.

I decided to marry the sauerbraten and semmelknödlen. Seemed like a marriage made in heaven to me.

These dumplings, called semmelknödlen (recipe here), are made from bread rolls. I used some stale rolls I was given as a friend left for Florida and dumped all her unused food on me. I added some rye bread because while the recipe did not call for it, I was certain it would add to the flavor and it did. These were kinda messy to make but OH SWEET JESUS they were good.

Next up: Sauerbraten, the spouse.

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  1. What is that again? Sauerbraten? I thought sauerbraten was a sausage. It looks …. delicious?
    Anyway, I love those greasy sausages they sell on the streets. Did you make those?

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