German ingenuity

As per usual, whilst I was in Germany I had old bananas. They just seem to follow me. Where I am, there are always old bananas and that’s not necessarily a bad thing (unless there are the accompanying fruit flies). I made banana bread. The Germans do not have banana bread and seem to like it. And while I have made it many times there it does not seem to have become all the rage yet.

I made banana bread but I couldn’t find loaf pans. It is possible they are there. I just didn’t take the time to scrounge through the oceans of copper pots, Japanese wooden containers, silicone moulds and extraordinarily heavy cast iron lidded casseroles. So I opted for a springform cake pan. It held a full recipe of batter and I baked it for 45 minutes as the recipe calls for. I don’t see why this would need more time than a loaf pan. I did not test it with a toothpick at 45 minutes since I could not find those either. It looked great and felt done but the damn thing was not done in the center.

I cut it into logs spread them with butter, sugared them and toasted them. I called them Banana Banatons. Maybe those will catch on.

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