Gazpacho, I guess

I’m really not sure what is supposed to go in gazpacho (not that the answer is not right here at my fingertips in the google) but I think it’s probably not what I’ve made here. I seem to think there is bread in it or ground almonds. Mine is just tomato juice (ground up tomatoes and strained) and chopped vegetables, many, although hardly all, from my garden, and certain other special secret ingredients I cannot talk about. Whatever it happens to be, gazpacho, I mean, this was really really good. Ice cold with sour cream and balsamic vinegar.. I also added capers which I am sure are not part of the deal but nearly everything is better with capers. Except anchovies.

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  1. No, I used an old salad as a base, blended it with tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and some roasted peppers. Then strained the gritty stuff out of it. Then chopped the same vegetables up and tossed them with a little vinegar. I did splash in some Worcestershire sauce on it and added a little tomato juice to loosen it up. I should have used celery too but didn’t.

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