Gastro Obscura

A friend sent me this book. I get an email every day (or something) from Atlas Obscura (see it here) which is a website filled with interesting and obscure facts. Although it also seems to be a travel tour site, almost every email they send is seriously interesting.

This is their food book and it is unbelievably fascinating. Did you know that elephants are terrified of bees and in Africa they use beehives as fences to keep elephants away from crops?

And speaking of obscure facts, this book was sent to me by my friend Marion whom I met randomly after she stayed in my apartment in France and left her underwear in the washing machine. She asked me to send it back to her which I did. We’ve remained friends since then. Ashish and I actually spent time with her and her husband in Italy and a few years later in Paris. I have 4 sisters. Women’s underwear do not faze me.

On another note this book was delivered to my front porch and I just happened to walk past my front door as I saw a guy was stealing it. I ran outside and chased him down the street and took it away from him. Maybe I need a bee fence.

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