Further adventures with crucifers

Green ones this time, same pickling liquid. Literally. I think that these radishes taste like regular radishes but it’s hard to know without side by side comparison, I didn’t do that. They are definitely larger than regular radishes, although not as big as my head.

And they are fabulously delicious when they’re pickled but there is one problem. They reek. I mean really. I had a guy here yesterday working on my new cooktop (more on that later) and I really really wanted to eat some of these but I didn’t dare. He’d have had to crawl out of the cabinets where he was attempting, and not without a lot of effort, to pull wire through a wall or some damn thing. I dunno, that stuff is beyond me. Anyway, I didn’t want to disturb him. He’d have rocketed out of the cabinet yelping, “what’s that terrible smell??!”

I ate more than a few when he left after which I ran an errand. When I came in the house I thought, “What’s that terrible smell??!?” and then I remembered.

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