Further adventures in foreign cuisine

Greece this time. Across the street from the residence of the Royal Indian Mounted Police hidden behind a lot of trees and bushes is a really lovely Greek restaurant (I have no idea how anyone finds this place, there is nothing that suggests there’s a restaurant there). Aside from the food you can tell it’s Greek because the people who run it engage in extraordinarily loud altercations in what seems to be a traditional Greek way. One minute strangling each other, the next laughing and bringing me food.

I had saganaki and gyros. It is hard to go wrong with deep fried cheese and the gyros was good but lacking the traditional pita bread. The gyros was served with french fries and pain de mie instead of bread, at least that’s what the bread seemed seemed like. Pain de mie is a dense and buttery traditional French sandwich loaf and there is nothing not to love about it. I forgave them the missing pita and the occasional outbursts. It was Greek French (this is roughly equivalent to Italian American or Anglo Irish). 

Greek: Saganaki, gyros. French: French fries, pain de mie. Greek French: Surly servers.

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