Frozen custard

We had an Indian meal with our food group recently, a little too late for Diwali but I don’t think Ganesha cares. My task was dessert. Indians don’t really have dessert as a part of their meal. They eat sweets but not as the final course of a meal as we do. Nonetheless, I was on for dessert and went with cardamom ice cream, frozen custard, really, and Karachi cookies. Cookies and ice cream, as it were.

I bought an ice cream maker this summer when I wanted to make carbohydrate-free ice cream (and succeeded) but it’s been lying fallow since then. I guess it was a success but I dunno, cardamom, while a flavor I like in Swedish meatballs, is not my fave in the frozen custard department it turns out. The cookies were good for sure but in a move with which I am all too familiar, I put the tub of leftover cookies into the oven to get them off the counter and out of the way for whatever reason I don’t know. At the moment I thought—DON’T DO THIS YOU WILL REGRET IT!

I did it anyway and, well, you can see for yourself. Ruination and plastic waste. I regret it. And Ganesha is pissed.

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