God I hate frosting cakes. I don’t like making frosting and I dislike the actual putting on of the frosting. I made a devil’s food/malt cake for the group lunch this week. I used a quarter cup of malt syrup in the cake. I put a third of a cup of malt syrup in the frosting. It just tasted like chocolate. It wasn’t bad but I wanted the chocolate malt experience.

I frosted it on the base of a cake carrier because I was going to take it to take to work. The lid however, wasn’t high enough to accommodate the cake and squashed onto the cake and when I pulled it off, the entire top cake off on the inside of the carrier lid. I swore at it. Which didn’t help.

Then I scraped it out and reapplied it, covering the whole thing Ovaltine to hide the mess. That worked out alright but I couldn’t put the goddam top on of course. And when I went to cut it, the frosting was too hard to cut nicely. I considered swearing at it again but suspected that wouldn’t do any good either.

I need a frosting recipe.

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