French fries

Remember when McDonald’s switched from beef tallow to vegetable oil? No? I do. You can read about it here. I thought at the time that it was related to some vegetarian awareness thing. I mean no vegetarian is going to eat french fries cooked in beef fat. It was 1990. But I guess it was about health concerns. Some person had a heart attack and started a campaign, obviously successful to end the use of beef fat for deep frying. The problem is that while beef fat has saturated fat, it is not a transfat which is what they switched to and is far worse for you than saturated fat. Or something, I don’t know. Read the article yourself.

My meat guys sell beef tallow and I decided to make french fries. Originally I was going to make potato chips (and I still may) but somehow I got sidetracked. It’s a process but who doesn’t like a good process. I used the mandolin to make fries, soaked them in cold water. Fried them once at a low temperature and again at 375. I had planned on frying them outside but neither of my outlets worked. So I ended up doing it inside.

They were good but not worth the stink in my house. I’m getting the outlets fixed next week.

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