Frankreich aus Deutschland

I have to say I was skeptical about this place. Cafe Paris. We’d had beers there a couple times and possibly some french fries that were good, more importantly,  the maitre d’ was funny and the service was good so we made reservations for a real dinner. It had a sort of chain-y feel to it but, OK, at least I was fairly certain flames weren’t going to come licking up the inside of my skull searing the lining of my brain, or what was left of it after luncheon.

We started with snails which were great. And I had lamb which was outstanding and he had steak frites for something new and different—to be fair there were not a lot of options on the menu. After a search on the internet I discovered they’re known for their hamburgers…how French!

The dijon mustard…gotta have it. Heinz, unfortunately.

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