Fooled by Instagram (again)

I see all sorts of things, gadgets, clothes, recipes, intricate dance steps and, yes, recipes that appeal to me all the damn time on Instagram. I’ve fallen prey to several of the more alluring posts. The stuff you squirt on stains that removes instantly—not. The nonplastic sticky cover thing with which you can wrap half a water melon—not. The shuffle dance tutorial that claims to be “easy.” It is not. Two or three kitchen utensils that either broke immediately or didn’t function like they did in the Insta post. I’m looking at you garlic chopper doohickey. So why I thought a recipe that caught my eye was gonna be different I don’t know.

However, apple season upon us and all, and with a refrigerator filled with various apples I decided to give this one a try. It’s called Invisible Apple Cake for unknown reasons but based on my experience the invisible thing here is flavor. It looked cool, I’ll give it that but thankfully I tasted it before I served it and cleverly doused it with some butterscotch sauce I had lying about and added a scoop of ice cream.

I’ll spare you the link to the useless recipe.

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  1. It looks delicious, like it has layers of custard. But then so did Incredible Edibles every Sat morning on TV until I got the machine for Xmas. And Nina’s McDonalds French fry-hamburger maker when she was 4 that used crushed cocoa crispies as the hamburger and two ‘Nilla wafers as the bun. Advertising, you know.

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