Foley fool’s mills

When I made my last (read final) batch of tomato sauce it had so many seeds I decided to break down and buy a Foley food mill. I can still see my mother using one of these in our kitchen in the dead of summer making, I’m not sure what, currant jelly for sure, tomato juice/sauce/grape jelly, among many other things. Turning and turning and turning. Until I had my own I did not realize how annoying they are. 

The photograph on the box would have you believe you can just put chunks of raw food into it and grind it all up. Maybe you can but you’d need to be in an alternate universe. Certainly not in the one in which I exist. Even well-cooked food was a misery to process. In the end, after the foley. I pressed everything through a different fine mesh sieve. What a lot of fuss and bother. That’s my life.

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