Flatware dilemmas

So I bought new cutlery when I was in Germany (Yes, my luggage was very heavy on the way home). For some reason I don’t really understand I’ve been systematically destroying the teaspoons in my garbage disposal, stuff I’d been using for decades. The style is no longer sold by Williams Sonoma where I had purchased it originally. I mean, the spoons aren’t completely destroyed but the front edge is all mangled and who wants to eat ice cream with a rasp? I have 4 good ones left so it was time.

Although I like the style of the flatware I bought in Germany, the small spoon, a “coffee spoon,” and the small fork, a “cake fork,” are really tiny. Which leaves me without salad forks or teaspoons. I can live without these things, there are far more pressing problems in my life as well as in the world at large. That is until Miss Manners column showed up yesterday.

Maybe your hosts are just used to seeing tables set that way because restaurants can produce salad before the main course (to placate clients while their main courses are being cooked). The reverse sequence is proper for a private event, where dinner is already in the works.

Weeeelllll, aren’t we all black tie, tails and pinkies in the air? I guess now I need to serve my salad after the main course. To be honest, I have never really liked that they do that in France. And not to set myself up as an expert or anything, the salad they serve after the plat (main course) in France is just lettuce not big mixed salads (like I usually make) which are not correctly served after a meal in France, but before it. Nevertheless, I am used to the way my mother served salad, before the meal, and I guarantee that she did not pick that up in restaurants. In any event, I don’t have salad forks. Just these little shittin’ things that have no real purpose in my life except spearing pickles and extracting capers from tiny jars. Or teaspoons and I never serve coffee after a meal like they always do in Europe. 

I’m not sure how to solve this….Imma write Miss Manners.

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