Fishy fishy fishy

No one who ate this with me reads my blog so I can be honest here…this was AWFUL!!! Not that I’m not always honest but if I think someone’s going to read this who’s just eaten what I’m about to report on I can soft pedal my remarks. Anyway, this seemed like something I’d really like. I am afraid of fish but shellfish are fine. Or so I thought. I have never purchased “lump crab” which is crab meat out of its shell and sold in tubs, jars or cans. This particular crab meat was in the refrigerated section at Whole Foods in a plastic tub. The recipe called for crab, shrimp and scallops. 

When I opened the crab meat I thought…um, not really grokking on the vibes of the smell of it but thought that when it was mixed with the herbs, Old Bay seasoning and b├ęchamel and what not it would be fine. It was not. When I took it out of the oven and removed the lid from the damn thing I nearly passed out. In the meantime my hapless guests were seated at the table eagerly awaiting the meal. I put it on the table without saying anything and bravely spooned up a portion for myself rather than run to the door and catch a breath of fresh air as I’d wanted to do. 

I ate it. If my guests thought anything they did not say, they all ate it, claimed to like it, had seconds and even took the leftovers home. I on the other hand was left with the stinking casserole dish that I really wanted to rush out the the garbage and dispose of immediately. 

I didn’t. But mostly because I want to make this again, just not with crab. Shrimp, scallops and some white fish would be fine.

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