Fish fry or tuna melt

I dunno. I was text-chatting with my friend Wendi last night and she told me she was making fish for dinner as was I although I was making a tuna melt with leftover rye bread from a recent fish fry I’d made. I explained that for me fish was more a delivery system for tartar sauce than any kind of healthy food item. Oh, sure the fatty omega-3 (whatever) acids are fine but I put capers in my tartar sauce.

It occurred to me during our convo that a tuna melt is actually nothing but a fish fry in an alternate form. You have the fried bread(ing), the mayo and capers, tartar sauce actually in the fish, in this case, tuna, yes, there is an addition of cheese which Wendi, for some reason I do not comprehend, finds offensive but that aside, it’s all there. Fish fry in a different fun sandwich format.

Next up, Wendi’s husband’s peanut butter cup diet.

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