Field trip

Ordering at the Indian Bazaar in the vastly exotic, deep, deep south of Milwaukee county is no longer as confusing or frightening as it once was. But the food can be. The delicate little deep fried puffs at the top of the first picture must be carefully crunched open, filled with a potato substance and then dipped in that red stuff. It’s a huge process. 

Considerably less complicated, samosa, accompanied by red and green sauce (I have no idea what they were) came next. After that was Chole badura, deep fried bread accompanied by chick pea, um, slop, for lack of a better word. The deep fried bread, chole, is fabulous and so is the chick pea slop, badura but it would be great with any number of other sloppy things. However it only comes with the badura. It isn’t as much of an eating process as a conceptual one.

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