Feeding the wildlife, I guess

Oh god this gets so tiring. I have everbearing strawberries. I do not like strawberries from the store unless I happen to hit one or two in a box that actually tastes good. Mostly they taste like carpeting. I’m not looking for bowls of ’em. Just a couple here and there that taste like strawberries should taste. So I got 3 plants (now something like 450 plants—they make rabbits look infertile) just to have a few strawberries (OK to be honest I am picturing a lustrous strawberry cake with layers of juice-dripping strawberries.) Something, of course, is eating them before they get even close to having color and I’ve just been too busy (and possibly lazy) battling the other vermin in the yard to do anything about it. So when I saw this berry (just the goddam one) getting pink I put a plastic screen over the whole raised box. I mean, just the one would mean so much to me. Goddamit to hell. It was gone in the morning. The plastic screen still undisturbed which means it’s the squirrels. Where’s the goddam hawk when you need it.

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