Feeding the squirrels

My friend Judy feeds her squirrels peanuts. I feed mine onions. Why? Because they hate onions and I hate them. I’m not really feeding them, I am repelling them from places and things in my yard.

I had a large rotting onion and I chopped it up and spread it around their sexcapade area. Fer chrissake, in the spring they’re on a constant sex romp in the yard and I have to bear witness to the procreation of the next generation of my tormenters. This is not fair.

The chopped onions are pretty effective for a while. Ultimately they will disintegrate and the squirrels will be right back at it. I have more onions though.

Right about the time they’re showing their progeny around the yard pointing out the best spots for getting olives, peaches, grapes and how fun it is to bat the limes off of the lime trees, I will redouble my efforts. My fear is that they will develop a taste for them and then my onion crop will be in danger as well.

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