Farmer’s market my ass

Recently in my neighborhood a Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market opened up. I like to grocery shop and I like the idea of organic, free range whatever food nearby. Easy to get to (Parking near Bavette and/or Whole Foods is an issue, and going out to 55th and State is a pain. Outpost does not have much in the way of meat.) Anyway, I went in once but it had just opened up and it was packed with people and I left.

So I went back on a Sunday (needed that ground beef for chili) and had the opportunity to really check the place out.

I call BULLSHIT! This is no more a farmer’s market than it is a circus peanut. The only organic meat they had was an organic chicken. Their website (you can see the bullshit here) says “Fresh Thyme Natural, Organic Grocery Store.” Seriously?!? There is a pathetic display of organic fruits and vegetables but aside from that the only organic produce is packaged in plastic and the things that are available at Pick N Save. The meat department, charmingly called “The Butcher Shop,” is a crappy meat department. Though the meat thoughtfully says “Born, raised and harvested in the USA,” so that’s good. Prices were the same as Pick N Save.

Six bags of tortillas…total. Plenty of mustard and Miracle Whip though.

On Yelp I saw a 5 star review that suggested they had the freshest Gummi bears the reviewer had ever tasted. I’d say that’s about right.

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