Failed bread becomes tortillas

I’d been promised an Elsa’s burger au poivre by my local kitchen tryant for dinner or his version of it anyway. It is one of my favorites and I was thrilled about it. But I had no plans to eat that on a German brötchen, the consistency is completely wrong. In fact, none of their buns or rolls are the right size, shape or consistency for a hamburger. So I decided to make my own brioche buns, it’s not that hard. That is, unless you’re cooking in someone else’s kitchen with someone else’s yeast. I was assured with absolute certainty that the yeast was good even though my frena the week before had not reached the desired fluffiness.

Of course, dough never rose. Like I spent a day constantly peaking at the dough to see if it was “doubling in size” which is what all recipes tell you should happen. Mine did not double in size. It just sat there like the lump it was. So, no burger au poivre. We ended up making chili and he made tortillas with the dough instead. How many people have a tortilla press?

He does.

Tortilla dough is basically flour, salt, water and possibly some sort of fat. Brioche dough is flour, milk, egg, yeast, and a lot of butter. The tortillas ballooned up like pitas over the “fire” which was fine. They tasted pretty much just like tortillas.

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