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The old ball and chain invited a former colleague over for dinner. I had never met her but I knew that she was a good cook and that she appreciated good food. He asked me to make shrimp creole and I added a cake and salad to the menu. Making this cake was maddening. You try making a cake when the oven is barking orders like this at you. And then there was the issue of frosting it. I just hate frosting cakes. First there’s the crumb coat annoyance and then there’s the moment of panic when you think you don’t have enough frosting. You cannot begin to imagine what the kitchen looked like.

This recipe for shrimp creole called for making a dark roux which for those of you who don’t cook is a mix of butter and flour, in this case sautéed until it is brown. Sound fun? Fifteen minutes of constant stirring.

At the last minute I decided to make croutons out of an end of a loaf of bread that was lying around. The salad was just going to be oil and vinegar on lettuce. Why not add a little something extra? OK, chopping up a stale end of bread—little bits and crumbs skittering all over the goddam place is a really great addition to an already messy kitchen. Then I sautéed the mess in garlic oil, which I had to make first, of course. At some point in this I thought to myself, “Why the fuck are you doing this to yourself?!?”

During the meal his colleague leaned to her husband and said, “Diese Croutons sind lecker!” These croutons are delicious. That’s why the fuck I do that.

Recipe link below

I thought this recipe for shrimp creole was really good, if a lot of work and the Royal Indian Mounted Police made fresh creole seasoning which was freaking awesome and somehow he was able to make this without the massive mess I’d have created… recipe here.

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