Estoy en Mexico

Oh my god Mexico City is amazing. Ok, what little I have seen which includes the trip in the taxi to the hotel and a 4 minute walk around my immediate neighborhood but what I have seen is amazing.

My flight down here was uneventful except that there was only 1 toilet on the plane for 500 people. They gave us all United milage credit points or some damn thing as reparation for this problem. I have approximately 47 points at the moment so the 300 they gave me will come in handy when I’m getting that first class ticket to Singapore. Then upon arrival there was no pick up, as previously arranged with the hotel, when I calmly called the hotel (OK, my voice had a certain squeaky, high-pitched edge to it and I may or may not have been sweating profusely) the guy who answered the phone said insouciantly that it would be best to take an Uber which is fine (I mean aside from the fact that I’d already paid for the hotel transfer, but, well, another matter) but when I went outside so I could set the pick up point, I could not possibly see how an Uber driver might find me in that insane pandemonium. There are zillions of people, many doors and 50 variously designated lanes of oncoming traffic as there are in the US but at least there I can read and understand what the lanes mean. I opted for a taxi.

A little dated, written upon arrival. Photo just for a touch of color.

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