End of summer, green tomato glut

Right before what I thought would be the first frost I went out and harvested all the damn green tomatoes that had refused to ripen with intention of making green tomato pickles. I have made them before and I love them. I really don’ tneed so many of them but what are you gonna do? My mother’s recipe, now lost, was the best but there are plenty of websites that tell you what to do.  My mom’s were refrigerator pickles but I had way too many to put them all in my refrigerator. So I did what this recipe told me to do. I followed it exactly. And what I ended up with was 6 jars of mush. The flavors are great—the curried ones are fantastic—but they’re just plain mush. 

At the moment they are sitting on my counter because they are pretty but imma have to dump ’em all. 

Bummer. On so many levels.

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