Empanadas, schmempanadas

So I’ve perfected the dough for the empanadas but the whole process was such a rigmarole. Ashish (of course) suggested a mini-muffin tin so I got one. The empanada thing is fine I mean, I like rigmarole, but just tossing them into a tin is a whole hell of a lot easier. I made this little tarts (the added plus is that it sounds a whole hell of a lot Frenchier) for French class.

I made cheddar with shallot caper vinaigrette, cheddar with red pepper sauce, artichoke with ricotta and fig and chevre. Oh, and bleu cheese with olives and parmesan. I made these between work and class. That’s an hour and 15 minutes. Insert tooth sucking noise here. To be honest about it, the dough was already made but I rolled them out, cut and filled them. Making the fillings was easy as pie, well, tarts.

More on these later. I have book club on Sunday. We read Memoirs of the Sunday Brunch  by Julia Pandl (which was excellent) and the author is joining us, so I have to pull out all the stops.

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