Early harvest crops

I was super excited to see I had some radishes ready to pluck out of God’s green earth. The crops dribble in piece meal and I get pretty excited when I see something that A. Is ripe enough to eat. B. Is something I’ve wildly anticipated (for instance I will be happy when the green beans are big enough to eat but not as excited as I will be when tomatoes are ripe) C. The squirrels haven’t eaten.

These were wildly anticipated. I got these black radish seeds and planted them because I bought and pickled them last fall and loved them. So I was delighted when I found 2 big enough to eat. Until I ate one, that is.

OH MY GOD this was the hottest thing I have ever eaten in my life. I ate one and it was seriously hot until it was hotter and then hottest. I swallowed it but I should not have. It was like swallowing a bomb. The top of my head sizzled, itched and sweated, my eyes teared up and my mouth and throat were like a ground fire. And it was all nothing compared to the fuss my stomach made. Eventually calmed with a cup of Pesto-Bismal.

I’m tempted to pickle them and see if that helps otherwise, I am feeding them to the squirrels. I hope they’ve been anticipating them as much as the peaches.

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