Dumplings and buns and rolls, oh my

Husoor is finally ensconced in Madison and one of the first things we had to do was find a Chinese restaurant that might replace Peking Ente in our hearts. Peking Ente was certainly the best food we ate in Berlin, if not exactly the best dining experience.

He chose a place called Feast. We were underwhelmed. The dumplings, both steamed and fried, respectively, were OK. Crab Rangoon. . . meh. Steamed buns were nice.

It was fine just not great. Nothing was spicy and the hot chili oil (he asked for extra) was hot in name only. His Chinese colleague suggested some other place—next time.

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  1. You were just a few blocks up the street from us. Call us soon so we can meet up. We’d love to see you!

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