Dueling cookies

It is cookie season as if anyone needs to be told that. My sister and I took cookies over to the people who work in the assisted living unit where my mom spent her last years. I made chocolate chip cookies and my sister made sugar cookies. She did not use my sugar cookie recipe but the America’s Test Kitchen’s recipe for what they say are the best sugar cookies. And they were really good. OK, gauntlet thrown.

I found the recipe on line. Not not the ATK site since you cannot access that without paying for an ONLINE subscription even though I have had a subscription to their printed magazine for decades, but that’s another matter (that if I think about it will throw me off kilter for the day. I’m not going to dwell on it, as my mother would say).

This recipe has no eggs in it which is a plus for people who, hm, I dunno, it’s not vegan because there’s a lot of butter and cream cheese in it. Anyway, it’s a pain to roll out since it has to be done between layers of parchment but I am engaged in serious business and following the recipe exactly, so fine. The dough, though, was lovely and in the end the cookies were really good. As I already knew they would be.

Next step: My cookies.

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  1. A good sugar cookie is a real treat. Yours look perfect. Not the 2” thick cookies you usually find — even at good bakeries. However, this post really stirred the pot. I have a print subscription to Fine Cooking and for no good reasons cannot access their online recipe database. I need to shake it off and relax before I start my holiday cookie baking today.

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