Dos salsas

Really, tomatillos, the fruit that keeps on giving. I’ve got 5 to 10 tomatillo plants going in the garden. I didn’t plant them. They just seem to grow. As far as I can see the only thing you do with them is make salsa which is fine but there’s only so much salsa one can consume on a regular basis. Last year I made some tomatillo lime jelly that was good but what do you do with that? Sort of an exciting thing to taste once or twice but then . . . I just noticed it in the back of my refrigerator the day before yesterday.

After all the rest of the produce was picked and pickled I grudgingly collected the tomatillos more out of fear of what those seeds would produce next year if I didn’t get rid of them than that I’d planned on making salsa. But I did make salsa. Red and Green.

The green is avocados, lime, cilantro. The red is tomatoes, peaches, more cilantro for Ann W and chili powder. Oh and tomatillos.

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