Don’t go here

OMG is this place fabulous!!! Less than an hour’s drive from Milwaukee there is a garden that puts Monet’s to shame. They also sell plants but that’s a bonus because once you’ve waltzed through this crazily glorious paradise you will want, no, need these plants even if you live in a windowless basement apartment.

I wish I knew how they designed it so perfectly. It just flows. It is so densely planted that there’s not much space for weeds but even weeds seem at home here. In fact, it looks as if they use things I think of as bothersome as a sort of counterpoint to the glory of the rest of the place.

Chickens, frogs, cats and more vexatious animals like rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks are roaming freely on the grounds. The other more vexatious animal, man, was less apparent as I sashayed my way around the garden rooms. And I’d prefer to keep it that way.

On the other hand it made me want to throw in the towel on my own gardening endeavors. So there’s that.

Unfortunately I am unwilling to tell what this place is so that I can have it all to myself. OK, it’s Northwinds, I hope you’re happy.

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  1. Northwind Perennial Farm! I knew that was it as soon as you described it. Besides plants, they used to have wonderful pots, and decorative items. I no longer have a garden (condo), but I still have a few treasured finds from when I visited years ago.


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