Disaster strikes (of course it does)

It’s tomato season and that means, among other delicious seasonal treats, tomato pie. I whipped one up at home for a cottage meal. I brought it out to the cottage in a cake/pie carrier I have and just as I got it into the cottage the fucking thing fell out and landed face down on the cottage kitchen floor. There are no words that could accurately describe my complete infuriation. I tried to salvage it. I flipped it back right side up but it was a mess and I really cannot vouch for what might have been on the floor. There had been an active mouse population there not that long ago. Although I can say that shortly afterwards it was clean enough to eat off.

For a few minutes I seriously considered serving it anyway but, no, the thought of eating it made me slightly nauseous, it was no longer all that pretty, and so it found its way into the garbage. Sometimes you just gotta do.

2 Replies to “Disaster strikes (of course it does)”

  1. That is a sad story. Especially at the end of tomato season. It looked gooood. I’m interested in your recipe as I am making different versions weekly and haven’t found one I love yet.

  2. I didn’t use a recipe. Usually I just throw things together and I do recall that I did not use mustard, which I almost always do and no herbs. I remember thinking at the time, well, really?? There is a whole yard of fresh herbs. But then I was too lazy to get them. I also used some leftover ricotta as the base.

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