Diet cabbage soup

To get the diet ball rolling I usually start with a few days of the Miracle Diet Cabbage Soup. A recipe from 40 years ago. You make a huge vat of this stuff and eat it whenever. This time I decided to be fancy about it. The recipe itself just tells you to throw all this stuff in a pot and boil it up. I thoroughly browned each stage, the chicken, the mushrooms, leeks and onions, and the cabbage. Each one sautéed individually like I do when I make ratatouille, adding layers of flavor.

Except that it really didn’t. And the cabbage, uh, fried cabbage does not smell good and the taste overwhelms the soup altogether. It’s fine and I’ll eat it but I’ll never go to that extreme again to make this soup. It’s fine to just plop all the stuff in the pot. Ooh, maybe I could make it in my Instapot.

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