Dessert vol au vent

I had an extra vol au vent shell left since one of our French colleagues was a no show. I used it to make a dessert. A tin of Bird’s custard has been clanking around in the back of my cupboard for a few years and the rhubarb is up so I made an . . . I am not sure what.

A rhubarb/honey and custard pastry of some sort. It looks very fancy. It was easy. I’m gonna totally do this again.

5 Replies to “Dessert vol au vent”

  1. I love everything about this. More rhubarb recipes and or ideas please! I can only make so much jam and rhubarb applesauce.

  2. Does it come as a square with the little star? Where does one buy such a yummy little thing in central California?

    1. It does look fancy but it really isn’t. And then there’s rhubarb . . . seems like peasant food. Not that I am at all opposed to it, just diminishes the fanciness aspect.

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