“Deli-style” potato salad

I love the potato and macaroni salad they sell in delis. I suppose that is not really a surprise considering my affinity for Dots, Miracle Whip, bottled Thousand Island dressing and, yes, McCormick’s turkey gravy. I don’t eat these things often but I like them when I do.

There is just some ingredient(s) in deli salads that makes them taste (and feel) different from the stuff that I generally make which is really what my mother made since, well, those are the salads I mostly make and love, my mother’s.

While waltzing through the YouTube, I found a video by some guy who claims to make “deli style” macaroni and potato salad (watch here) and things being what they are I decided to I really needed to make it. I am not sure what that means, “things being what they are,” but, hey, I made it anyway.

It was not easy. Peeling hot potatoes was a not fun. It is messy and burnt fingers are involved. Grating a half cup of onion was no trip to the park either. The grated onions are the secret, the potatoes and/or macaroni marinate in oil, sugar, vinegar and, weirdly, grated onion for up to 48 hours. Somehow the onion is not really obvious after 48 hours.

My sister who does not like potatoes loved it. When I asked if she’d want to take the leftovers home she jumped at the chance. Score.

Still, I am not sure I want to go through that again. Ever. I can get it in delis.

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