Deboning a turkey demystified

Just kidding, it’s still a mystery. I did it but it was simply awful. I have spared you the hideousness of the flayed bird, the mess of tendons, skin flaps, meat pieces and ooze. (To be honest I could not stop and take pictures it’s just filthy.)

One concession was putting on a glove. Real chefs are supposed to love getting their hands into the food, I am not a real chef. I hate it when professional chefs use them (I’m looking at you Akis) and I hate to use a glove and contribute to waste land fill but I really could not bear the grossness of this particular duty. And I figure one glove is not going to destroy the planet—I could be wrong, we’ll see.

The glove makes my wrist look fat but then so do my pants. At least my hand was clean.

The (stuffed) boneless turkey was excellent. I think. I was so busy fussing around at dinner time the memory of it is mostly a blur.

These were good. While I think I did not even taste them, I’ve made them before and I guarantee they are 100% rock-solid delicious. Herbed buttered rolls. A-Mazing.

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  1. I must admit that I have used gloves in the kitchen, but only for videos. I get a lot of snide comments about not wearing gloves. But at home, I’ll just wash my hands and not worry about it

    1. I rarely use them because of waste issues. I want to all the time. I hate getting my hands dirty. Cannot stand the smell of butter on them. But some of these people will use 3 and 4 pairs while they are cooking and it really annoys me.

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