Death comes to rosemary

I don’t know how I killed her. Poor dear. She was at least 5 years old and while I originally adopted her and while I don’t use that much rosemary, I use her as my Christmas tree. This past winter she got a good case of powdery mildew which doesn’t generally kill plants but it also got some other thing that caused the needles to get white spots. And there was an issue with little flies of some sort. I hosed her off with horticultural oil and that seemed to solve things (the bit of green you see there is kenilworth ivy that also had the infection.) The ivy cleared up nicely but I’m afraid I over-watered the rosemary and that was the beginning of the end.

I have another one so my world of rosemary cooking needs world hasn’t come to an end. And there will still be a Christmas tree, er, bush.

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