Curried potato salad

When I was a kid my aunt Mary got on all sorts of food kicks. She would discover some damn thing or other and be all over it for 3 months. There was a bleu cheese on lettuce thing, Welsh rarebit, I believe that dry roasted peanuts just came out and she was crazy for them, she just freaking loved Stouffer’s pre-made meals, then she started putting curry in potato salad. I loved that. Well, to be honest I liked all her crack-pot food fixations. For some reason, my mother did not, they annoyed her. I think that she felt competitive. If Mary liked something I ADORED it. Welsh rarebit? I’ll take 2. Dry roasted peanuts? Yes, please. And when I helpfully suggested that my mother add curry to her potato salad her response was something like, “Pfff, as if.”

Well, I still like it. I like my mother’s too, (just in case she’s reading this) and it’s usually what I make but this past weekend I made Mary’s curried version. It was delicious.

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