Culinary diversity in Germany

So Persia. First meal. Glam wine decanter with matching goblet. Grilled meat doused with pomegranate molasses. Perfect rice. I don’t know how they do that, make it so perfectly fluffy and toothsome. Even The Royal Indian Mounted Police was impressed and he is very hard to impress particularly as regards rice. (You should see the barely contained revulsion on his face when I make rice).

Spain. Second meal (lunch). Just tapas but WOW. Fabulous meal. The sauce on the potatoes, tomato, red pepper, garlic and anchovy was amazing. Yes, anchovies. I ate them, granted it was only the mildest of anchovy tastes but it was exquisite. I’m hoping it sets me on the road to a late-in-life love of anchovies.

Germany. Second dinner. The starter was “hand cheese.” This puts me in mind of other bodily excretion related non-edibles like “toe jam.” Although it could reasonably have been called hand-flavored, I really have no idea what the hell it was and only the balsamic vinegar and sun-dried tomatoes made it palatable. The sauerkraut and sausage was good. But being from, you know, Milwaukee and all, a very high bar has already been set. Usinger’s bratwurst are still a gold standard. 

So far the best thing I’ve had in Frankfurt is anchovy sauce. 😮

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