Culinary disappointment #3532-2a

Coconut cream pie, in terms of complexity and mess, is not easy, FYI. But I guess the amount of time and required cleaning is made up for by the absolute perfection and deliciousness of a finished pie. Unless I happen to be the one making it. I followed the recipe to the letter. First watching 56 YouTubes then carefully crafting (HATE that word used in that context) my mise en place portioning, weighing and measuring everything, blind baking the crust and passing the filling through a sieve before it was cooked to get out unwanted chunks (there were none but there was an additional dirty sieve) and then this happened.

Coconut cream soup. And yes, it was refrigerated for 24 hours. It tasted pretty good but not gonna win the blue ribbon at the county fair.

I should also mention that I have made this once before and it worked out just fine.

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