Crumbs and crumbles

I had 3 chocolate cake layers in my freezer and since I will do a little entertaining over the holiday season, I need to get some crap out of there. I started with them. As you can see there was an issue with the “bake,” as Paul Hollywood would say. I believe they were a little over-baked, some more than others…the cakes at the back of the oven get baked quicker because the temperature on this brand new oven that I paid 600 billion dollars for, is uneven. 

I often give my cakes a “crumb coat” of frosting which keeps the crumbs contained in a thin layer of frosting which is briefly refrigerated and then refrosted without the unsightly crumbs embedded in the outer frosting. 

In this case we’re going to call it a “crumble layer.” The damn thing was falling apart. I smooshed chunks into the middle layer and spackled on the frosting to keep it all together and threw it into the refrigerator before I frosted it again. It looked a tad lopsided but it tasted fine and I didn’t have Paul Hollywood here to tell me the “bake” wasn’t quite what it ought to be. 

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