Crowding the pan

In a perfect world one does not crowd a pan. I was making scallops in brown butter with capers and lemon for 7 people. Probably it’s a dish that works better for 2 or 4. I was supposed to brown the scallops. This is easier said than done. It’s a nice thought but scallops are hard to brown, they give off a lot of moisture. And I had 6 people sitting, waiting for dinner. They were not exactly pounding their cutlery on the table, but I felt the pressure.

Browning required that I do them 5 at a time. I didn’t wait. I threw them in the pan, par-saut├ęd them, then browned the butter, added the capers and lemon, threw the scallops back in to finish, then tossed the pasta with the butter-scallop liquid. It went about as quickly as that.

The dish was not as pretty as it might have been but it was amazing.

The bread shot is gratuitous.

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