Cream pie mysteries solved

My nephew’s favorite dessert is coconut cream pie. So for various occasions I’ve made them for him. One time disastrously. It has always been a mystery to me what went wrong with this pie. It had more in common with soup than pie.

I made it again for him on St Patrick’s Day to thank him for a favor he did me, a reason other than his Irishness. I suddenly realized that it’s completely obvious what I’d done wrong. I FORGOT THE EGGS!!! Coconut cream pie is yellow from the yolks. Mystery solved. That pie was edible, of course. With a spoon. This pie with a fork, the way God intended pies to be eaten.

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  1. While in Puerto Rico Damien was obsessed with breaking open coconuts. He even shinier a palm fteeecto know I them to the ground. Then a very cool gay couple who live in the complex came out with a machete and showed him how the locals do it. He wasn’t that local, from NYC, but still, had the moves. It’s delicious fresh out of the shell.

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