Crap-on-hand salsa

I got corn from my CSA. It had been picked that morning. I really really wanted to eat it that day but it was impossible. It sat on my counter for 2 days and I worried and the taste-o-meter deliciousness quotient fell hourly. Eventually I just grilled the damn things in the husk. Threw them on the grill and let them char. 

I’m not sure who decides when corn no longer tastes good because this corn, picked on Saturday and grilled on Tuesday was ROCKIN.’

But I had a lot of it and I made it into salsa with all the crap I had on hand. Green tomatillo salsa, peaches, jalapeƱos, onions, scallions and I don’t know what else. It was delicious. Ate it with those scoop chips. I don’t like buying them but the ones I like called Xochitl or some damn thing, are too flimsy to stand up to the likes of this.

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  1. Most likely your corn was a type that was genetically modified in order to have a shelf life of up to seven days.

  2. I don't think so. The CSA is organic and all their other stuff is heirloom etc. But who knows. It was still good.

  3. The point is that years ago sweet corn would become starchy a day after picking. That fact is why "who decides when corn no longer tastes good". New hybrid varieties retain their sweetness for days after picking.
    Also, eat my shorts.

  4. Well, the point is really that the corn that one purchases in the store was picked sometime long before purchase and it's usually fine. I guess. I don't really buy it except if I need it as an ingredient. It's certainly good enough that some people, probably you, eat it. That and the TV cooking shows I watch always go on and on about using produce as soon as humanly possible. So while I didn't eat the corn the day it was picked, 3 days later it was still delicious, whatever the reason. Also, you wear shorts?

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