COVID, I have it

It may have happened because I ate at McDonald’s and this is karma. But probably it was because I did not wear the right kind of mask on a flight back from Florida. There were at least 10 babies, like little babies that can’t walk on the flight. Obviously one was gonna sit right behind me and cry the whole way, I mean, that’s just the way travel is for me. But it was not fully true. It cried, of course, but it also coughed and sneezed. I thought at the time . . . imma get this.

Three days later I had a scratchy throat and four days later I tested positive for COVID. Twice. I’ll survive.

4 Replies to “COVID, I have it”

    1. It’s the omicron variant I believe and I have not lost my sense of smell or taste and I don’t have a fever. It feels like a cold. So, I dunno. Could be worse. And I’ll be super-resistant afterward. (I imagine).

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