Color coded meat

I stopped at Whole Foods where they have their meat labeled with colors that correspond to the general happiness of the animal. In my mind anyway. The orange label means meat with misery attached to it and green label means happy meat that grew up frolicking in fields with dandelions and smurfs.

I was happy to see some jolly, grass fed, green labeled ground beef because I had a hankering for my mother’s meat loaf. 

Twenty years ago I jotted down this very imperfect list of ingredients as my mother’s meatloaf recipe. Somehow I neglected quantities, procedures,  tried to follow it as closely as I could but, I dunno. A cup and a half of milk in a pound of meat? An eighth of a teaspoon of sage? I couldn’t taste that if I ate it by itself. Still I soldiered on.

I do not like mixing this crap with my hands and used a latex glove which is much more efficacious. 

It was good. Not like my mother’s good but good enough. It did not, however, bind together. I used only a cup of milk but I think that’s too much. The original recipe is now long lost and my mother does not remember even making it (this is sad since it was my favorite meal, and the leftovers, my favorite lunch, followed closely by leftover chili and spaghetti sandwiches—those were the days). I am unable to find anything like this on the google, so this may be lost to the ages. Unless I try to perfect it again when I find happy frolicking cows I can eat with impunity. And this time I will write the damn recipe down in full.

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