I have somehow trapped myself into liking expensive coffee. I used to drink Maxwell House and be perfectly happy with that. I drink it black. I don’t need Starbucks, don’t really like it all that much either. But I have saved thousands over the years drinking cheap coffee. In the past 2 years or so, I began drinking Alterra coffee, a local coffee roaster and not just any Alterra, it’s a mix of french roast and Nicaraguan something or other. I have to buy the 2 and mix them together. I grind fresh beans every damn time I make it. It’s cheaper than going to Starbucks, but still.

What I would like to know is why all the super duper plastic this stuff comes in? It’s supposed to be organic but it comes in unrecyclable, unrecycled, uncompostable bags. Why? I reuse plastic bags for many things, like my dog’s poop (the plastic bags that cereal comes in are really excellent storage bags) but it’s impossible to use these for much of anything. They smell like coffee which precludes putting say, cookies in them, and they aren’t flexible enough to be able to pick up dog poop with.

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