Cloche encounters of the bread kind

The ol’ ball and chain sent me a bread cloche for Valentine’s Day encouraging me to make bread. Not that I need that much encouragement. So I used a recipe that came with the thing. It is very unlike the bread dough I am accustomed to. Per the directions it wanted to be made in a stand mixer. Fine. It was a very dry not-sticky dough which I thought would never rise but did, in fact, manage to rise well enough for me to make 2 loaves which my friend Loralyn told me looked like boobs fortunately they separated easily and that image no longer haunted me.

One loaf for me and one for my niece, nephew and crew.

I wasn’t crazy about the dense crumb, as we bread bakers say. But it was really great for buttered toast the next morning. Which is why I cannot have bread in the house. I’ll eat it, along with a stick of butter.

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