For one of my various bookclubs we read a book called Though the Earth Gives Way a grim book about life immediately after the collapse of civilization after climate change has caused the flooding of the coasts. I could not sleep after I read the first chapters of it. This is apparently a new genre of fiction called Cli-Fi. (Climate Fiction, in case you had not figured that out). A cutesy and horrifying name.

The night after book club I furthered the cause of the destruction of the planet by dining at a very intriguing-looking Mexican restaurant I’d never been to but always liked the look and smell of. There were echoes of my own ill-fated restaurant—bright colors, thatched roofs, hand painted walls and furniture. Unfortunately everything came in plastic. From the mediocre margaritas in plastic cups, the disposable sauce containers, the (absolutely delicious) “quesitaco” delivered in styrofoam to the useless and disposable plastic utensils which came wrapped in plastic for that extra polluting slam dunk.

Sitting there awash in disposable plastic and styrofoam I was too distracted by the waste to fully enjoy the meal. I’d really like to go back and have these again but I would have to figure out either a way to get them without the hideous earth-destroying detritus or make them myself. Hmm. Gauntlet thrown.

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