Cleaning silpat

I use silpat, the silicone baking mats frequently recommended in recipes, all the time. Not just for baking but also for rolling out dough, “flour work” as I have heard this sort of thing referred. I have a hard time washing them and they don’t fit conveniently into the dishwasher even though you can wash them there. Last week when I rolled out dough for some damn thing or other I put the silpat in the sink on the baking sheet and Voila!, a new cleaning method was born.

At least for me. Probably everyone and their brother knows this already. And when I say everyone I mean the 7 or 8 other people who use them.

I dry them on the handle of the oven. I realize this is lazy as I could simply just hand-dry them but I am, at a very basic level, a total lazy-ass.

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