Classic Danish beef sandwich

Illiums Borhingus or something. A flashy department store in
Copenhagen. Very upscale. We were prancing around the store acting like we were all that. I don’t know why we decided to have lunch there. We got to the top and there were restaurants, it looked very posh and we just plopped down and ordered beers. It was noon.

On the menu was a “Classic Danish Beef Sandwich.” I had no idea what that might be but it sounded good, we were in Denmark, and I’ll eat anything sowhat the hell. After I ascertained that no anchovies were involved, I ordered it. The RIMFCP got fish and chips.

What arrived was not what I was expecting. When the waitress came waltzing (in a Danish way)  towards us with it, I thought it was a cake. I wish I could say it was delicious, it looked delicious. It was OK. The brown sauce was completely without flavor. It tasted…well, brown.

While there were no anchovies, there were deep fried onions, pickles, pickled beet cubes, green onions and god knows what the hell else on it. I was jealous of the fish and chips until I tasted the tartar sauce. If this is Classic Danish Tartar Sauce I probably won’t be moving to Denmark. I’m not sure it was worth the calories but we walked 7 miles that day and 10 the day before. So I’ll try not to have too much remorse about it. 

I love that my phone keeps track of how far I walk every day. I certainly cannot. I can, somehow, keep track of what the hell I’m jamming into my mouth.

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