Chop salad sandwich

A lot of useless shit gets shilled on Instagram. I oughta know, I’ve fallen prey to more than I care to admit—don’t buy the liquid stain removing stuff. There are also a lot of fabulous looking but impossible to make food things that get my attention but not all the crap is, well, crap. I watched an Instagram reel which seemed like it was a great idea. And it was. Chop all your favorite stuff up rather than layer it and put it on bread or in this case brioche buns. This circumvents the age old take-a-bite-and-drag-the-entire-contents-of-the-sandwich-out-onto-your-chin-and-lap problem. And the ease with which I can get something into my yap is of primary importance to me.

Pepperoncini, some leftover Italian deli meats, onion, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, muffuletta, capers and lettuce. I can hear the I-don’t-like-onions Greek chorus even as I write this. Don’t put it in. No olives? Fine, don’t put them in. No meat? You get the idea.

I had these buns in house. Yikes. They raised the whole thing to a next level. (I honestly cannot have bread in the house. I’ll just eat it. And not by itself, with fattening and yet delicious things on or in it.)

Imma tell you what . . . go-oo-ood. Mmhm.

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